custom forms and call-to-action buttons for your website in minutes with Magic Call Button.

CUSTOM FORMS—working on your Website in under 5 minutes.

Email Forms & Buttons to Match Your Site — 100% Customizable.

  • Create beautiful, custom forms
  • Use a button that clicks to your form
  • Or embed forms directly in the page
  • Add, edit or delete form fields
  • Secure, reliable, managed hosting
  • No software to download
  • Collect, track, and analyze data
  • Mobile text message option
  • File Upload option: up to 5 MB
  • Try it FREE now!

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CLICK-TO-CALL BACK connects you to your visitors with your phone.

Get Text Messages to Your Cell Phone when a Website Visitor Submits your Form.

Test drive with a free 30 Day Trial. See all the features and try it first hand.

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See Our Features and Pricing.

Learn more about our Email Form generator with advanced business intelligence.



CALL-TO-ACTION BUTTONS help you generate more responses.

100% Customizable Call-to-Action Buttons and Forms — Change and Update Automatically.

Change your design or add or delete form fields, then watch it update instantly on your site!

See our Quick Start Guide to get going fast.

"WOW - What a great program! I can manage the forms for all of my customers in one place. Editing and testing the forms is simple. The customizable features are a huge bonus. I don’t have to depend on various different hosts to get forms to function properly for my clients. And, the customer service is fantastic. If you design websites for a living, this is a must-have tool.

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Perfect for real estate, insurance, auto, medical, finance and legal websites.



Click to Call

Click to talk forms and buttons can be used to make a real telephone call, or to simply send email. Incentives and special offers with unique questions on forms help you collect information specific to your business.

Forms can also be embedded directly into the page with no interactive button.



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Make it relevant to your business, automated and interactive.

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Any image or photo can be used as a button. You control the presentation to your target audience.


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  • Your Free Account - 30 Day Trial - Includes:
  • Up to 3 Forms and Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Unlimited Design Variations
  • Works on Any Website; Works in Html Email
  • Buttons via Upload, Catalog, or Make Your Own
  • Downloadable Reports and Tracking
  • No Credit Card Required; Paste Code in Website
  • Account Level One Includes:
  • Up to 20 Forms and Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Unlimited Design Variations
  • Downloadable Reports and Tracking
  • Your Button/Form design or choose from catalog
  • Lots of Security Features
  • No Software to Download; Cancel Any Time
  • Account Level Two Includes:
  • Up to 30 Forms and Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Unlimited Design Variations; CSS edits in real time
  • Downloadable Reports and Tracking
  • Your Button/Form design or choose from catalog
  • Includes File Upload to 5 megabytes
  • Reports include geo-location and respondent data

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