Magic Call™ Button was initially developed to fill the need for a custom click-to-call and contact form system for a popular online travel directory.

Victoria Oldham, co-creator of Magic Call Button
Victoria Oldham, co-publisher of print and online travel directories and co-creator of Magic Call™ Button.

"On our tourism directory, most of our website advertisers don't have a large administrative staff to answer the telephone. We needed a way to deliver targeted visitor responses to our clients...for a reasonable price. "— Victoria Oldham

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The Magic Call Button was originally developed because an alternative, customizable, affordable and trackable click-to-call and contact form system was needed to serve advertisers on a large tourism directory.

Magic Call Button product designer, Victoria Oldham, explains: "Initially, we searched for a system that would meet our needs and budget, but discovered big problems with other click-to-call services, such as the possibility of runaway charges, lack of security, and the inability to use custom fields and graphics in the form interface."

Most click-to-call and click-to-call back systems have one thing in common: they all rely on an interactive form that requires the website visitor to enter their telephone number. The better the presentation, in terms of relevance, psychology, and security, the more it will be used by your target audience. Once the website visitor is on the phone, there's a better chance of converting this visitor to a customer.

Incentives and special offers are easy to design on the fly with our internal button and banner maker. Whenever a button is changed in the Wizard, it automatically updates on the webpage.

Each time a form is submitted, the system tracks and reports. Complete form data can be accessed online or downloaded in spreadsheet format. Details such as the web page of the contact, IP address, geo-location, date, time and the phone number are included. An email with this information is delivered with every call or form submitted.

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