A Designer Creates Custom Buttons and Forms for Magic Call Button

Custom Click to Call and
Email Forms—Connect to Your Visitor!

Magic Call Button is the ONLY click-to-call and contact form system with a feature set that gives you this level of control and customization at just $10 per month!

Distinguishing features of our service include:

Customize for Ultimate Brand Loyalty

The creators of Magic Call Button bring their years of success in advertising design to create a form system to match your style and meet your specific needs. An advertising campaign with graphic impact can make a substantial difference in generating inquiries. Anyone who understands the power of branding will appreciate the "Magic Call Button difference" —properly integrated, it can increase sales and conversions, reduce Web site abandonment, and improve the customer experience.

Never Miss A Single Inquiry

With Magic Call Button, you instantly connect your website visitors to you by email or phone.
With our click-to-call service, even if you miss a call, the form submission, containing the caller's information, is still delivered to you by email.

Call Routing and Scheduling

Receive visitor inquiries to one or multiple telephone numbers according to a schedule you set (call routing), or send to multiple email addresses, so you or your staff can answer website visitors while their interest is strong.

Send Text Messages

Magic Call Button can also be used to ring your cell phone and leave the visitor's request and contact information as a text message.

Full Reporting

Save additional contact data with each inquiry so you can see when the visitor inquiry occurred, along with the IP address and other contact information, delivered by email to you or your advertisers.

Businesss Intelligence and Tracking

Route inquiries based on your customer’s need or location on your website. Forms can be customized to deliver the information you need about each customer inquiry. Reports provide information such as the web page a visitor came from, the IP address, phone number (if a phone form), geo-location, time and date of the inquiry. Each form generates a complete visitor tracking report for download and review.

Tips for Generating More Responses Using Website Forms:

When you create an email response form (also referred to as a website form or contact form), determine the minimum, advance information you need from a visitor in order to quell uncertainty or anxiety about giving information to you, a "total stranger." Only request additional information when you absolutely need it, but not too early in the sales process.

Test various designs and messages until you find what works best for your site. Try different button designs on different pages, and test a variety of alternative messages on the popup form. When you're just getting started, remember to edit the form to include as few customer information fields as possible...perhaps include just a telephone number field (if you plan to call back) or an email address field (if you plan to respond by email). Make only one or two fields "required."

Try an automatic, delayed-display popup form to get the visitor's attention. The popup can appear in the page's center or right after a user-defined period you set (the default is 8 seconds). Just choose the code for the automatic popup in the Magic Call Button Wizard, and place it in the html side of your page. If you want to edit the number of seconds, change it in the Wizard, and it updates automatically on the page...no need to paste the code again.

Create incentives to encourage contact and form submission. Include a special offer or opportunity in the introductory text of the form. For example, offer something free with the first 5 responses received that day. Offer information not available anywhere else. Depending on your business, you could offer a free consultation or ebook download.

Experiment with placement. Locate your button in "the Golden Triangle"* of the web page, as well as at the bottom of the page. The right variables, properly combined, can achieve a significant increase in responses, where the sum is greater than the parts, or individual components.

*Reference: Enquirio Eye Tracking Report



Frequently Asked Questions About Magic Call Button:

What is Magic Call Button?

Magic Call Button is an easy to use, advanced custom button and form generator for website communications, customer service and sales. With it, you can:

  • Create custom website forms, buttons, and banners
  • Connect by telephone, email or mobile text message
  • Increase business intelligence with tracking and reporting

The Magic Call Button Wizard lets anyone create professional-looking custom buttons, banners, and website forms in under 5 minutes. It works on any web page when you place a small piece of code into the html side of the page. If you use our popup form, popup blockers can't block it, because it uses dhtml (combining html and javascript). Magic Call Button's tracking and reporting used in conjunction with your own analytics and spreadsheet software lets you build data sets to improve your customer offerings and sales.


Why is Magic Call Button different than what's already available?

Magic Call Button's combination of features is completely unique, and provides a website communications solution like no other! What began as a full-featured, online custom form generator now does much more than send email—it can instantly connect you to your website visitors by phone, and can be used to create buttons and banners with custom messages on the fly. Combined with tracking and reporting capabilities, Magic Call Button can help you collect and analyze data to increase business intelligence, productivity and sales.

You can link any custom graphic to a custom form instantly; customize the look endlessly, and choose your method of contact by email, text message or telephone. Build call-to-action messages in minutes. In fact, you'll be amazed at the range of options you have, once you experience Magic Call Button. Using our 8-Step Magic Call Button Wizard, a small piece of code is generated and copied. You can then place this code on any web page, wherever you want your button, banner or form to appear. That can be on just one page or multiple pages..

Our css-powered forms can be embedded directly into the page, or used with a button and popup form (and our javascript popup forms are not blocked by popup blockers). If you choose to use a button, either select a pre-made button from our catalog, upload your own button image, or create a button using our built-in custom button and banner generator. Virtually any image will work as a button and link to your form.

Our click-to-call service uses real telephone land lines to connect you to your website visitor by phone (in contrast to VOIP, or voice over Internet). That ensures you get the best possible, clear telephone connection.



Download our printable Quick Start Guide to get up and running fast.


What does the Research show? Is Click-to-Call really proven to make a difference?

Studies show that businesses using click-to-call with a call-to-action on their websites typically enjoy up to 45% increase in responses. (Studies include those by Forrester Research.) Of course, it also depends on your website traffic, and popularity of your product or service.

Other research shows that website visitors from the "baby boomer" demographic are much more comfortable talking by telephone than using online communication methods like live chat. Here is why this is an important group to target:

"The number of adults aged 65 and older will reach 71.5 million people by 2030, twice their number in 2000 and representing nearly 20% of the total U.S. population, according to estimates by the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics. As baby boomers turn 65 years old beginning in 2011, they are expected to spend an additional $50 billion over the next decade on consumer products in the U.S." —Sean Seitzinger, senior vice president of consulting and innovation for market-research firm Information Resources Inc.


What exactly is Click-To-Call?

Click-to-call (CTC), also known as "click to talk," refers to the process of converting web-based traffic into direct telephone communication, usually between a website visitor and a soliciting business. There are essentially two models of click-to-call.

In the first model (used by Magic Call Button and a large directory like YellowPages.com), a visitor enters their telephone number and the service connects the visitor to the merchant's telephone. The advantage of this model is that you get every lead even if you are unavailable.

In the second method, a visitor gives their name and telephone number to the intermediary service which calls the merchant first, and then connects the merchant to the visitor.

Either way, these methods involve a true telephone connection between the visitor and the business.


Specifically, how does your Click to Call work?

In the Magic Call Button click to call model, as soon as a visitor to your website enters their phone number into your form, their phone rings first, and after a brief introduction, your phone rings. If you're away from your phone or already talking on the phone, you'll receive the caller's phone number immediately in email, and you have the opportunity to call back. The visitor receives a nice "away" message: "No one is available to take your call right now, but we'll call you back as soon as possible."


Is Magic Call Button a widget?

Yes, it is a "web widget." What makes it so easy to use is the fact it doesn't require downloading any software, and it works instantly. Definition from Wikipedia: "A web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation."


What's the difference between Click to Call, Click to Dial, and Click to Talk?

All these terms refer to the same thing. Anyone looking for a click to talk button for their website would be glad to know about Magic Call Button's click to call technology.


Does Magic Call Button use land lines for telephone calls, or is it VoIP-based?

Magic Call Button's telephone service connects real land lines (PSTN), ensuring greater quality over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).




How do I get started?

Sign Up for the Free Trial.

After you sign up, you'll be able to log in to our Magic Call Button Wizard. Download our Quick Start Guide to get up and running fast.

Once you log in, it takes about 3 to 5 minutes in our 8-step, user-friendly Magic Call Button Wizard. Upload your own custom button or banner, or make one from scratch. Or if you prefer, skip the button and create a custom form. After saving, you'll be directed to a piece of code to copy and paste into the html side of your web page, exactly where you want the Magic Call Button to appear. That's it!


How do I know that Magic Call Button is the best click-to-call choice for me?

Shop and compare: If you want a button or form to match your website, with complete form field customization options, tracking and reporting at an affordable price, you'll agree our system is ideal.

Also, when you sign up for our click to call service, you have the option to create and customize up to 10 distinct buttons/forms, each with a separate business target. If you manage multiple businesses, or a directory website, you will need a separate click to call button or form for each distinct business target. You can also place a call time limit on any specific button/form.

If you need additional unique target buttons or forms for click-to-call service, purchase them for just $5 per month. Packages are available for sites needing custom click to call solutions. Call 912-275-5921 for more information.


I have a directory website. What is the best way for me to add a custom button for each of my individual advertisers?

Our Magic Call Button Directory Wizard can upload a large number of buttons to your account at one time. We supply you with a formatted spreadsheet, and you enter your customers' or advertisers' information. Then, we create your buttons in one step.


Can I use Magic Call Button to make website forms other than click-to-call?

Absolutely! Our wizard gives you a quick and easy way to add custom, trackable email response forms to your website. Just select the options you want in the 8-Step Magic Call Button Wizard. Save, grab your button or form code, and place it anywhere in your web page. Place it on one or multiple pages. Change the form message at any time in the Wizard, and it updates automatically on your site. (Note: only Account Level 3 enables a real telephone connection.)


Can I place form fields side-by-side, horizontally as vertically?

Yes, our email response forms allow you to make form fields align side-by-side, horizontally if you prefer. Let us know if you need help getting started: 912-275-5921.


Can I use my own button design?

Yes! This one of the things that makes Magic Call Button so unique. You can make a button in our Wizard, upload your own button design, or place a link to an image file on your website. If you manage a large directory, we suggest placing a link to your own button design on your website, rather than uploading an image to our server, because this will allow you to update the button image for all your customers at once (keeping the file name the same, but overwriting the file with the new design).


Why do you suggest a button over a plain text link to the form?

An image with a call-to-action message (button or banner) can attract your website visitors' attention in contrast to a plain text link. We provide a selection of professionally-created designs or you can create your own design in the Magic Call Button Wizard.


How can I get a button to match my website?

Either by creating one from scratch in our Wizard, by uploading/linking your own design, or by hiring a designer to create one for you. The designers at Trade Winds Advertising can also create a call to action button or banner that matches your website and reflects your brand.


Can Magic Call Button work anywhere?

Yes, the code for the Magic Call Button can be placed anywhere html works: websites, email, pdf, and document software. The only system requirement is that the user must have JavaScript enabled in their web browser, but Javascript is already enabled for the vast majority of browsers currently in operation. Works with PC or Mac too.


Can I place my Magic Call Button on any number of pages?

You can place Magic Call Button code on any number of web pages and websites. Also, if you want to make certain your call button is not used in any unauthorized way, you can restrict it to only certain websites.


Can Magic Call Button be used in email?

It works in any html-enabled email, and is especially useful in email business cards (works if the recipient's email permits html).


Can Magic Call Button work for classified ad websites?

If you own or manage an online classified ad site, you can offer your advertisers a Magic Call Button to help earn additional revenue for your site.


Can Magic Call Button be used with a banner, instead of a button?

Absolutely. In fact, any image, banner, button or photo can be a Magic Call Button, and will work on any website.


What if I'm out of the office? What if I go on vacation?

You can easily edit your click-to-call or email response form to forward to another party. You can also edit your confirmation message to inform the website visitor about your schedule and availability. If you have click-to-call service, you can turn off calling for any period, but you'll continue to receive submissions via email and reports are available online.


How can Bloggers benefit from Magic Call Button?

If you have a personal blog, you can easily use Magic Call Button on your blog website.


Does Magic Call Button charge extra if I take calls using my cell phone?

Magic Call Button never charges extra if you use your cell phone, but be aware that you will be charged by your cell phone provider for usage time under your plan, just as if you were using your cell phone normally.


Can I use my own phone number with Magic Call Button?

Yes, or you can use several of your own numbers and rotate them in a schedule.
Note: each extra phone number costs $3 extra per month.


Can I Receive Calls from Outside the USA and Canada?

At this time, we offer calling in the USA and Canada, but we plan to offer International calling at a future date. If you have a country in mind, it is possible we can turn on calling for the country you request.





How much does Magic Call Button cost?

Please visit our Sign Up page for pricing.


Are there any setup fees?

A setup fee applies to businesses that expect to receive more than 25 concurrent calls during business hours. This one time setup fee is $100 per block of 50 concurrent calls.


How much does it cost for a custom button to be specially created for my company?

Our designers charge $125 per hour, with a one hour minimum, but we can usually create a design that attracts website visitors and matches your website in one hour.


How can your pricing be so low in relation to all the features provided?

Magic Call Button is a proprietary product with reliable telecom partners and in-house designers and developers. We're able to continually build and improve our product, adding new features and benefits each month.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. Sign up for our Free Account and try up to 3 different email response forms. This gives you a chance to experience the ease of use with our Magic Call Button Wizard. It's not going to make a phone call at this level, but will demonstrate how simple it is, giving you the chance to test buttons and forms in our system.


Can I change my account type after I sign up?

Yes, you can. Just visit our online shop to upgrade.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept a major credit card to activate your account. If you want to pay by check, or if you have custom requirements, please contact us: 912-275-5921


Are there any refunds?

There is no refund for monthly service fees, or for per minute usage if your account is Level 3 (click-to-call service). However, you always control your spending limit with each button or form. When the Account Balance for calling is low, you'll receive an email notifying you, so you have the option to log in and increase your account balance.


How do I manage my account?

When you subscribe, your user name and password will be emailed to you, so you'll be able to log in to the Magic Call Button Wizard and edit or change your design and options at any time. There, you can manage your account, change your password, create or edit your buttons or forms, download your log files, modify your account balance, and copy code for pasting into your website.


Is there any software to download?

No, there is no software to download, and it costs nothing to get started with your 30-day free trial (free trial for email response forms only).


Are there any cancellation fees?

There are no cancellation fees of any kind.


How do I cancel my account?

You may cancel at any time. Please send us an email with your cancel request, user name and password to info@tradewindsadvertising.com, or call us at 904-430-0150.



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