Before You Begin: Although any browser can be used with the Magic Call Button Wizard, we prefer the Firefox browser. It just takes a few minutes to download!


Access our help feature any time within the Magic Call Button Wizard. Just click the little red help buttons Magic Call Button Help found with each step. Please Note: Real click-to-call telephone service requires that you sign up for Magic Call Button Account Level 3.

Custom Forms - 10 Easy Steps!

Connecting to you with "click-to-call" land-line telephone service, email, and/or cell phone text message.


1. Log in (Enter your user and password.) You'll immediately go to the Create Forms page. See that red button at the top? It says "Create Forms." That's where you'll start.

2. Click Step 1, Name. Give your form a unique name.

3. Click Step 2 and Choose Your Design. Choose a button and /or form style from our Catalog, or upload/link to your own button--this is one of the features that makes our system so unique and powerful! You can even make your own button or banner in our Wizard. OR just skip this step altogether if you only want a form, and no button.

4. Click Step 4. Set Up Notification.


a) First, enter your business name (or any words you want) in Step 4A. This will appear in the top bar of the form's window.


b) Next, in Step 4C, enter the primary email address to receive notification when a form is submitted.



  • In Step 4 A1, select your Time Zone;
  • *** VERY IMPORTANT*** In STEP 4 A3, click "Create New Schedule. This step is required for calling to work!
  • Select the telephone number you wish to use from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Select the Start Time and End Time during which telephone calling will be enabled.

    *** Remember: 12 pm is noon; 12 am is midnight. ***

To add another phone number, enter a phone number you'd like to use in Step 4 A2. Your first phone number is free; additional phone numbers are $3 extra upon activation and $3 per month additional (each).

5. Click Step 5, Make the Form.


If you are Account Level 3: Choose "Click-To-Call Form" or "Regular Email Response Form" to begin. The default setting makes a click-to-call form.


If you are Account Level 2, 1 or Free Trial: Your form is automatically configured to be an email response form.


Add, Edit or Delete form fields: Add fields (or questions) as desired by clicking the button: "Add New Field." If you want to change any of the fields, it's easy! Just click the little pencil “Edit Field” icon. Make your changes and click “Save Setting.”

6. Click Step 8, Save. Click “Save Form.” This will jump you to the "Manage and Edit" page where you can test your button or form and grab the code for your website. See that yellow button at the top? It says "Manage and Edit Forms." That's where you should be.

7. Preview. Preview and test your form by clicking directly on the button under Button/Form Preview. Even if you didn’t choose a button, a “generic” contact button will appear so you can click and test. IMPORTANT: Tests from your own computer (a single IP address) are limited to 10 per day. If you need to change this number to perform additional tests, please contact us.


If you need to adjust something, simply click "Edit," make your changes, save again, and re-test.

8. Get the Code. Click the big yellow button at the top of the Magic Call Button Wizard to ensure you are on the "Manange and Edit Forms" page. Then, click the "Get Code" link.


Now, you'll see some code options, such as: code for the popup version of your form, and (b) code for the embedded version. And under each category, there are more choices: the top-most code (dhtml popup window), the code for secure (SSL) shopping cart pages, code for a popup browser window, or the code that will launch the interactive, timed popup. If you don't know which code you need, simply choose the code at the top.


Click once into the code box of your choice. This will select all of the code you need. Once selected, you need to copy the code. From your browser, you can use "Edit > Copy," or press CTRL - C on your keyboard.

9. Paste In Website. Switch to your web page, code side, and paste (CTRL - V). Upload your page, test your form again, and check your email to confirm receipt.

10. Troubleshoot. Make sure you're on the "Manage and Edit Page." Click the "Edit" link to make changes as needed.

* Embedded Form Cut Off at Bottom. Make necessary edits to the form window height or width by changing the height or width values in Step 3C. Then be sure to re-paste the code into your page. You can also edit the window width and height directly in the Magic Call Button code embedded in your website.

* Form Title or Labels Too Long. Are some lines of text too long? You can insert "<br />" where you'd like a line to break, forcing the text to flow to the next line.


* Form Under Flash. Does your form open "under" any Flash on your page? It's easy to fix. In the Flash code on your page, in two places, change the wmode from "window" to "opaque" or "transparent."


* Phone Calls Not Working. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure each button you want to use for calls has a phone number entered in a schedule that you've set up in Step 4, A3.


Also, if you're testing your own form, and you've tested about 10 times, you may have exceeded the number of IPs from one computer in a day, and the form will expire... but only for your computer network. Call us or email us and we'll reset this if you need to test more (see the limits in Step 7).


Have questions?

Call 904-430-0150 or send email to:

Print this page so it's even easier to follow when you make your first form or button/form set.