Sample: Custom Call To Action Buttons and Brand-Oriented Contact Forms.

See examples: click the buttons below to activate each form.

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Here is a simple "Contact Us" button. Any image can be used to create a button.
Template: 293

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This button links to our "Gateway to the Planet" branded form.

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Here's another custom branded button and form. Imagine the ways you can use Magic Call Button!

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Here is the same form template with a different button and CSS style applied.

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Template: 271

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Template: Based on template 170

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Template: 358

Remember, you can use ANY image for the button to go with your form. And you can directly edit your form's CSS style. Try a button or form on your own site.

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Sample: Custom Brand Contact Form

Create custom brand contact forms and website forms that display your logo or graphic images with Magic Call Button. This contact form is ready for embedding into your website.
Template: 312

Tips for Better Contact Forms

The contact form is the most important conduit for website visitors who want to submit their information to a business, and the primary way a consumer will initiate a conversation with you. To get started, you need to keep your contact form as simple as possible to ensure minimal perceived risk to the end user.

One way to minimize perceived risk is to use as few "fields" as necessary on your form. Another way is to make sure the visitor knows exactly what they will get if they respond. For example, don't say, "Fill out our form to enter our contest." Instead say, "Fill out our form to receive our 10 page E-book on website marketing, complete with how-to and valuable online resources." Now, the visitor knows exactly what they will receive for their effort.

You also reduce perceived risk on the part of the website visitor by using a form that looks carefully crafted and professional. For the greatest results, make sure the form matches your website and branding.

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