Sample Call To Action Buttons used with Custom Contact Forms

Click the buttons below to activate the contact forms.

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Here is a simple "Contact Us" button. Any image can be used to create a button.
Template: 260

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Try a variety of buttons designed especially for blog sites. Template: 246

Another contact form, created from Template: 270

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Here is a stylized button with the same form.
Template: 262

Tips for Great Contact Forms

Percieved risks about filling out website forms usually have to do with (1) worry over wasted time, (2) worry about not getting anything in return, and (3) fear of becoming an email spam victim.

Avoid Contact Forms That Are Too Long: If you create a very long contact form with each field required, the user may fear that it will take too much time to fill out with nothing in return.

Offer Something Tangible in Return: A good website form will offer something specific in return. It does not have to be a gift; it can specific information. Most contact forms are submitted because a website visitor is simply inquiring about a product or service. They are expecting to get this information in return.

Remove Fear of Spam: Always help a website visitor to feel comfortable submitting their contact details. You can add a note on the form: "Your contact details are confidential, and never shared or sold." Then, of course, do exactly what you promise, and safeguard your visitor's details.

Remember, you can use ANY image for the call-to-actions button to go with your form. And you can directly edit your form's CSS style.

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Sample: Custom Contact Form - Try Our Free Contact Forms

Our contact forms can work with the click of a call-to-action button, or embedded into your web page. You can make a contact form very simple, or more detailed, with complex fields and options. When you use the Magic Call Button Wizard, in Step 5C you can select the template by number to achieive the same style as we show in our samples.

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Template: 242

Template: 137

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